Cornelia Webb

Since launching in 2005, Stockholm-based jewellery brand Cornelia Webb has established itself on the international luxury market, creating accessories with a true Scandinavian tone. Raw and delicate, Cornelia Webb’s exquisite designs resemble artistic sculptures.
A former medical student, the designer is fascinated by human anatomy and sketches all of her designs directly onto her own skin driven by the thought of literally dressing the body in jewellery.
With her sculptural avant-garde accessories Cornelia Webb gained widespread popularity amongst stylists and international publications and received the prestigious Best Accessory Designer award from ELLE Sweden in 2012.
Cornelia Webb emphasizes craftsmanship, timelessness and environmental consciousness in her work. She chooses to reinvent design rather than constantly produced new items. Tapping into the conservation trend, the designer’s jewellery is carving out a new definition of luxury.

Cornelia Webb

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