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Alienina was founded in 2008 by Italian designer, Eliana Venier, with the aim of reformulating the everyday object to redefine its function and aesthetic. Venier’s approach introduced a fresh perspective to design and the handmade label is coined a “one of a kind” regarding sustainable contemporary fashion. Eliana Venier’s philosophy is to create timeless accessories through expert craftsmanship, making every item relevant and versatile.

Inspired by both natural and architectural forms, each item is handmade in Italy and thus, no two pieces are identical. The process of creating an Alienina bag starts with the materials; the Alienina woven cotton bags are composed of soft and tactile components. The designer is continuously looking for fresh materials to repurpose and extend their lifespan. Venier gains creative inspiration from the materials she finds at every corner of the world, from man-made components to earthly elements. The form follows the materials, making the creative process free and unexpected. The techniques are inspired by old traditional crafts which the designer interprets in a contemporary manner. Materials used range from mountain climbing cords, cotton wicks for oil lamps, resin commonly used in car parts, fabrics from old curtains and hoses. 90% of the materials used are recycled, washable and non-toxic and therefore, environmentally sustainable.

Alienina’s approach to accessories illustrates the notion that fashion has no boundaries. An item may have its predetermined purpose, but once deconstructed, it can be re-defined as something completely new and different. This sentiment reinforces the brand’s belief that Alienina is ‘for anyone who doesn’t follow a particular trend’ and wants to wear ‘unique pieces’. The woven cotton bags are perfect for summer, from gold to off-white; Alienina has a shade, size and design for every outfit.

Alienina has attracted attention from leading fashion publications including Vogue Italia, British Vogue, and ELLE and collaborated with brands such as Comme des Garçons, Sara Coleman and HOPE.

Words by Gabriella Bramble.


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