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Complét is a print focused accessories brand designed in Tel Aviv and made in Italy. The label prides itself on using high-quality Italian leathers produced by artisans in Northern Italy.

The brand name derives from the term “set complet” used in the 1960׳s to market all inclusive décor items for homes. Translated to the modern day, Complét accessories give the finishing flourish to the modern woman’s wardrobe with a series of multi functional bags that morph from a cross body to a clutch and backpacks that pack a punch.

Created in 2013 by three friends, Emily Whyte-Meridor, Sivan Moshkovitz and Leonora Fuhrer-Agmon, each bringing their own expertise, the contemporary brand embraces a young, modernist aesthetic. Complét’s handbags combine structure and ease with their geometric silhouettes. Crafted in calfskin in restrained seasonal palettes, the leather is often digitally printed with painterly brushstroke motifs.

The designers say they would not compromise on the quality in order to maintain their competitive price point. They work with artisans in northern Italy to produce all of their products, stressing that a brand’s ethical codes are important to their customer.

“We believe quality is the best business plan and that our customers care about the origin of the products and labor conditions. It took us a year and half to source the right factory and raise sufficient capital, to move the manufacturing from Israel to Italy. This is a challenge at any price point, even luxury, but in the contemporary market, finding that balance between achieving covetable designs and maintaining quality craftsmanship is particularly difficult.”

“We understand the contemporary market; we are those customers. We wanted to introduce a product that all kinds of women can wear, regardless of age and a style that isn’t defined by labels,” says Moshkovitz.


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