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Maria Black Bernard Boutique

Danish-born designer Maria Black launched her first collection ‘MBJ’ from London in 2010, letting her Nordic roots translate into classic, understated, sleek lines combined with edgy and dramatic shapes. The jeweller describes her pieces as ‘the love child between London’s rebel spirit’ and clean Scandinavian design. Build on ambition and passion for precious metals and a fashion-forward approach Maria Black Jewellery combines contemporary aesthetics and artistry and challenges the significance of jewellery in the everyday look.

Each individual collection is defined by unique patterns and shapes that create a complete story. Maria Black’s signature is designing interchangeable pieces which can create a different look every time. Almost like Lego, pieces can be combined together in different ways, forming new, unique looks. Two halves becomes one unit, triangles appear in triplicate, skinny rings and stacking makes delicate fragments and strong statements. Earrings requiring only one piercing create the unexpected illusion of multiple piercings, while necklaces go to great lengths to let you layer your own look. Pair one type of earring with a different ear cuff. Or wear the same rings on different fingers – and vice versa.

Maria Black Helix Collection Orbit Shoulder Duster Earrings Bernard Boutique 2  Maria Black Helix Collection Body Double Spiral Ring Bernard Boutique

Maria Black Helix Collection Solar Bracelet Bernard Boutique  Maria Black Helix Collection Illusion Ear cuffs Bernard Boutique

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