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Escentric Molecules 04 celebrates the futuristic freshness of Javanol, a sheer sandalwood molecule, in two different fragrances.

Escentric Molecules 04 - Javanol

Escentric 04 – a formula
Molecule 04 – a molecule

Javanol is a sandalwood-type molecule that retains the radiance and endurance of natural sandalwood, but is sheer and transparent like no sandalwood in nature.Javanol is like Iso E Super, the molecule in Escentric Molecules 01, in some ways. Like Iso E Super, it comes and goes. The person wearing it loses the ability to smell it after a short while, only to re-connect with it later.Javanol does not exist in nature. It was created in a laboratory at Givaudan in 1996.
Escentric 04 and Molecule 04 EDT are designed to be worn by men and women.


Following on in the Escentric Molecules’ tradition, Molecule 04 focuses entirely on Javanol, a powerful sandalwood-substituting synthesized molecule with a tart intensity and milkiness  that to perfumer and founder of the brand Geza Schoen resembles ‘liquid metal grapefruit peel poured over a bed of velvety cream coloured roses.’ In the hands of anyone else other than Geza Schoen, this could have been a disaster as Javanol is incredibly potent and a touch too much can make a scent loud and vulgar. But the fragrance is a triumph. The chemist turned perfumer has insured that the rosy, creamy, and steamy, tropical facets of Javanol are brought forward, and all of its heaviness is left behind. ‘What I love about Javanol is its almost psychedelic freshness,’ he says.


Escentric 04 contains Geza Schoen’s signature of turning heavy materials like woods into gauzy, air bound creations with the thoughtful use of modern synthetics such as Iso E Super, which is at the heart of … and Ambroxan, used in ….. Unlike other perfumers who use these materials simply to boost radiance or projection, Schoen uses them as the main building blocks for entire perfumes. Schoen has woven a fizzing pink combo of grapefruit, rose and pink pepper into the sandalwood, resulting in a light, creamy shimmer of woods that never overpowers. Hedione and ambroxan add a fresh, salty ‘whiteness’ that illuminates the woods from within. Nothing overdosed or harsh, just a perfect balance between sparkling fruit, roses, salt, flowers, creamy woods and the freshness of wet laundry. The ultimate summer ‘my skin but better’ scent for both men and women.



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