Stine Busk, the designer and creator of Munderingskompagniet or MDK has created the perfect leather jackets for women everywhere. MDK’s jackets are a ‘must-have’ wardrobe essential, made with the intention to be worn 24/7. MDK sources high quality leather, suede and waterproof waxed cotton to produce timeless classics. Thrown over an evening dress or to add edge to a day-to-day outfit, MDK provides an urban counterpoint to sleek city tailoring. Busk proclaims that with her designs “what you see is what you get” and never compromises on quality nor does she add details without a function. Not much has changed since the 1950s when James Dean introduced the black leather jacket – edgy, cool and a symbol of freedom – and Stine’s designs reflect this same notion. When Stine´s signature is on the jacket you are guaranteed sophisticated, classic, timeless design.