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To know where you are coming from, you need to bond to your roots, never lose yourself. Everywhere around the world you feel home as you do know yourself. ‘

Anita Radovanovic, Designer

Mes Demoiselles Paris infuses modern design with an irresistible bohemian spirit in a palette of muted hues mixed with dreamy prints and delicate embellishments. Flowing silhouettes in rich fabrics combined with shimmering accents and sensual layering techniques create a soft take on Parisian elegance. Since 2006, the brand arouses the senses, inviting us on a journey to lands so fantastic that we allow ourselves to dream with our eyes wide open.

Mes Demoiselles Autumn/Winter 2017

The winter solstice has died under the onslaught of the new day.
The shadows and lights glide over my silk dress, which shivers with the breath of the wind. I ran after the romance as if my life depended on it, the long fringes of my alpaca poncho carrying all my hopes.
No more beautiful illusions, now my white cashmere coat protects me from the storm.
And if in the blue of your eyes, I discovered a woman, it is only for me that I dance to the rhythm of the tango.
By the fire, I’m wrapped in my sweater acidulated because I know that love is sometimes born sulfur, yet I still love you …
I sowed the seeds of our passion on my cotton blouse and let your edelweiss bouquet on my embroidered camisole.
You slid my satin strap over my shoulder, but do you really think that will be enough?
Words, words and words as the Egyptian said, I’m no longer duped by your promises …
No one knows what will be done tomorrow but I am sure that the key to my destiny lies in the sun of my heart. So I will continue to sail on the waves of love because the adventure is just beginning …


‘Daho’ Floral Print Blouse


‘Klim’ Patterned Jacket


‘Bibi Jean Lud’ Open Knit Cardigan


‘Maika’ Knitted Poncho


‘Alyssa’ Printed Top


‘Aleskyne’ Maxi Skirt


‘Ska’ Lace Trimmed Vest Top



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